NAB Online Personal Loan – How to Apply?

NAB Online Personal Loan – How to Apply?

Do you need a personal loan that allows you to consolidate your debt? Or do you need cash to renovate your home? With a NAB Online Personal Loan, you can do all of these and more.

The NAB Online Personal Loan is perfect if you are looking for a personal loan that can be used for a variety of ways. Aside from this advantage, you can get a rate that’s right for your needs. Read on to find out more about this personal loan.

NAB Online Personal Loan Features and Benefits

The NAB Online Personal Loan provides a host of perks that you will certainly enjoy. For one, you can get a personalised rate that’s unique for your financial standing. NAB offers a variable rate of 12.69% or a fixed rate of 13.49% per year. If you are lucky, you can get this rate or a more affordable rate depending on your status.

More than the inviting loan rates, you will definitely be excited to know that there are no exit fees should you decide to pay off your loan earlier than expected. This means you can pay off your loans easily, especially when you manage to save extra for the month. Even better, there are flexible repayment options. Depending on your loan amount, you can repay your loan from 1 to 7 years, with a borrowing capacity ranging from $5,000 to $55,000. The bank also prides itself in offering a redraw facility with variable rate loans, allowing you to take out money you have already put in.

The best of all, you can easily apply online. With NAB’s quick document acceptance online, you can easily submit all the required documents and information. If your application is approved, you can get your funds on the same day!

Need a personal loan that allows you to consolidate your debt? NAB Online Personal Loan is for you. Here's how to apply...

Applying for a NAB Online Personal Loan

Ordering your NAB Online Personal Loan can be done online by filling out the application form found on their website. Other ways you can apply is by calling the bank’s hotline or by personally going to a branch near you.

To be eligible for a personal loan, you must at least be 18 years of age, be an Australian or New Zealand citizen, an Australian permanent resident or a non-resident holding a Temporary residency VISA. In addition, you must also have a regular income and a good credit rating. Documents you need to have on hand include your NAB ID number and your driver’s licence number.

During your application, you will need to provide income details, employment information and a list of your assets. You will also need to provide information about the liabilities you owe, if applicable.

If your application is approved, you can take out a loan ranging from $5,000 to $55,000.

NAB Online Personal Loan Fees and Charges

Whilst there are no exit fees for this loan, it’s best to remember that there is an application fee of $150 and a monthly fee of $10.

The variable headline rates range from 10.69% to 18.69% per annum, whilst the fixed headline rates range from 11.49% to 18.99% per annum.

If you are interested in experience these benefits, make sure to check out the NAB Online Personal Loan today.